Siân's normal methodology when commissioned for portraits is to spend some time with the subject, listening to their needs and how they see themselves then she photographs the subject, often at her studio in Hoxton, but this can also be done at the subject's home, which is often easier for children's portraits.
Usually this task can be accomplished in one sitting.

Part of her technique is to exploit more unusual angles. This has become very much a hallmark of her work. Sometimes many different perspectives are explored in the shoot. It is only when these different views have been reviewed back in the studio that Siân chooses the one that she feels best sums up the subject.
At this point the size of the canvas is established.

Horse portraits require visits to the stables for photo sessions which normally take around a couple of hours per session. Siân has found the months between April to October deliver the best results for horse photography although some winter days can be suitable.

Paintings normally takes around one month - obviously this is subject to the complexity of subject(s). Each commission has the right amount of time devoted to it to reflect the care and interest invested. Siân's preferred method of working in portraiture is acrylic on canvas.



A similar process is applicable to these commissions. When a client requires a particular view Siân takes the brief, prepares preliminary sketches and photographs the subject, then undertakes the painting in her studio. Siân finds the oil medium to be best suited for these paintings and as such they do require a longer working and drying time.